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“I am living permanently in my dream, from which I make brief forays into reality.”

-Ingmar Bergman, Images: My Life in Film

Anna Brewer’s artistic practice is one of deep personal exploration stemming from her imaginative childhood and her relationship with her mother, LeeAnn Lynn Faus, who was also an artist.  Brewer’s work is the manifestation of her spiritual investigation into the human soul. The above images are stills taken in various studios at different periods in Brewer’s creative journey.


1988 Born in State College, PA

Lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA


2013-2014 Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Pittsburgh PA

2008-2012 Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Bachelor of  Fine Arts

2009-2010 National Institute of the Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2009-2010 University of Buenos Aires, School of Philosophy and Literature, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2007, Pennsylvania Governor’s School of the Arts, Erie, PA Visual Arts

Solo Exhibitions

2015, Familial World, The Mine Factory, Pittsburgh, PA

2014, Monster Prints, Bunker Projects, Pittsburgh, PA

2013, Patterns and Beasts, The Framesmith, Pittsburgh, PA

2013, The End, Brew House, Pittsburgh, PA

2013, Paintings, Christine Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA     

2012, CRUX, Patterson Gallery, State College, PA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016, Creative Byproducts, Future Tenant, Pittsburgh, PA

2013, 52 Second Film Festival, Graham Parlor, Pittsburgh, PA

2012, Drawing and Spontaneity, Graham Parlor, Pittsburgh, PA

2012, Present Body, Green Drake, Millheim, PA

2011, BODY PORTRAITS, WhereHouse, Pittsburgh, PA

2010, La Muestra, Últimas Días, El Conventillo, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Inquiries about collecting Brewer’s work or commissioning new works can be sent to annawbrewer@gmail.com or you can use the form: